A 50 year old story

GEAL SpA has been in the anodizing business since 1961. The vast experience in this area has taken us to achieve an excellent qualitative standard, turning us into a significant reality in the italian market of aluminum superficial treatments.


The production plant is located in Barberino di Mugello (FI), occupies an area of 2500 m2, 30,000 amps, and a productivity of 60 quintals per shift.


Anodizing consist in an artificial augmentation of the protective oxide thickness, through an electro-chemical treatment of superficial conversion.


Such covering is presented with a micro-cell structure with very fine porosity.


The GEAL SpA process:


Satin anodizing


The profile goes through a mechanical brushing treatment in order to eliminate small imperfections, thus giving it an aesthetic appearance of brushing fine lines. Before sealing it is possible to confer the oxide with several colors that go from bronze tones (inorganic precipitation coloring) to steel tones, dark brown to full black (electro-chemical absorption organic coloring). This colorings have an elevated resistance to light, and high temperatures, making them perfectly suitable for architectural use.


Chemical anodizing


Another alternative to the satin finish is a chemical pre-treatment that gives the surface an homogenous matte effect. Such process is done by placing the aluminum inside a special hot alkaline solution for a certain period of time. This way any defects such as scratches, extrusion lines, and impurities can be eliminated. After this treatment one can also choose to apply any of the colorings mentioned beforehand.


Glossy anodizing


The metal surface is polished through brushing with the help of abrasive pastes. With this procedure we can obtain a finish resembling a mirror, which will be subsequently anodized.




This procedure is limited to profiles with a maximum length of 4 meters.


All products used during this anodizing process are done according to QUALANOD norms and specifications.

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