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Choosing GEAL Spa means to have a peace of mind even regarding all problems linked to everything concerning the delivery of your product. GEAL SpA’s objective is to achieve a complete satisfaction of it’s clients, and in order to do this it also makes available a series of services, and accessories.


GEAL SpA will be your reliable collaborator, and your next door neighbor, with whom you can deal with any possible problems. GEAL SpA, is in fact, an industrial reality, but hasn’t lost the “familiarity” of a company that has grown with time, and has maintained human relations as a main priority.


Our agents are at your disposal for any need, supporting you during the drafting of any offers, helping also with the use of intuitive softwares that are available to you on order to simplify your work load.


On our reserved area you will have access too all contents related to our products, being those catalogs, technical materials or marketing contents.


With GEAL SpA you can also give life to any idea that you want to develop with aluminum in mind, simply by sending us your design. This one will be viewed by our highly qualified personnel, who before sending it to the extrusion department, will verify if any changes should be applied.

Our plants flexibility will allow you to develop any idea, even with limited quantities.


GEAL SpA allows you to choose from a wide range of surface finishes, and your product never leaves our sight, allowing you to engage with one sole entity from the projecting phase, all the way to the final surface finish. With a consistent know-how in all that GEAL SpA offers, we are able to satisfy every need, even if that means creating custom made finishes made especially for your product.


Say yes to the best, enter the GEAL SpA world!

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