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GEAL SpA represents a significant reality in the fields of projecting, extrusion, surface treatments & distribution of aluminum profiles and it’s alloys.

The company is born in 1961 as Osdal di Lenzi Mario & Figli, a small family run company with 9 employees , located in the Tuscan - Emilian Apennines situated in Barberino di Mugello, Florence province.

The potential of anodizing plant is equal to 2000 amp, with a covered surface of 350 sq m. After a settling & consolidation period (which lasted until 1973) Mario Lenzi transferred the company to it’s sons.

In 1975 all manual labour went to a semi-automatic kind of labour with the renovation of the anodizing plant. The biggest problems during that period were in the polishing phase, which preceded the anodizing procedure, since that kind of labour had difficulties of hygienic and environmental nature.

In this context SPAL Brevetti is born, and is incorporated immediately into GEAL SpA.

SPAL came up with a revolutionary machine, which allowed to polish (brush) profiles with extreme simplicity, due to the fact that those were satined automatically with water cooled steel brushes.

The success of such venture has exceeded any expectations, in fact 80% of the companies operating in this sector use our machines.

In 1981 GEAL, who went from a SdF to a SpA, starts a new venture: sales of aluminum profiles, and it’s accessories.

Four years later. in 1985 the company transforms itself again by changing into new headquarters, that have an extension of 12,000 sq m.

Keeping up with the pace of time, a new production cycle is implemented : horizontal powder coating, which will be working along with the vertical one which was born two years later.

In 1989 a new company called TIRRENA ALLUMINIO SrL is created, located in Ceparana di Bolano, La Spezia, which will manage the part of commercial development , and distribution of GEAL products.

In 1995 GEAL SpA starts offering aluminum coverings using a german material called Renolit, with the GEALECO trademark and GEALEGNO, such activity has continued to grow due to the expanding market, where other multinational companies have decided to become involved.

In 1998 a new facility is born which will have a powder coating and sublicromia facilities, and will handle also distribution from it’s headquarters in Cairo Montenotte, Savona occupying a surface of 2,500 sq m.

That same year GEALPORTE is born, and will produce Renolit covered doors, and the HPQ (High Performance Quality) trademark is registered, meant ti identify the anodizing treatment made before powder coating procedures, which guarantees a long lasting finish in marine environments.

In 2003 GEAL SpA creates it’s own aluminum extrusion production line, located in Barberino di Mugello(FI), with a Tecalex press of up to 1600 Tons taken down to 1350 Tons in order to guarantee a better quality of the extruded product.

In 2007 the vertical powder coating line is renovated. A new plant is installed which constitutes a step forward for our productivity, and quality. Thus increasing speed in color changes, allowing GEAL SpA tu cover all of the 290 colors in the color palette, in a very short period of time.

In 2009 a new facility is opened in Sirone, Lecco province, for the distribution of profiles, and it’s accessories.

It is thanks to our four powder coating facilities, anodizing plant, two sublicromia plants , two aluminum covering plants, that GEAL SpA can offer it’s clients a wide range of surface treatments.

The availability of aluminum profiles “ready” for shipping , being those powder coated, anodized or mill finish, as well as a wide range of accessories belonging to the main manufacturers in the field, allows us to respond to the wildest requests in a short period of time.

Our partnerships with key players in the aluminum fields , and surface treatments fields, as well as the fifty year old experience that GEAL SpA has, give us the possibility to offer high quality products which answer to any need.

From the billet to the chosen finish, delivered & ready for cut.

GEAL SpA, handles every intermediate phase in order to perform any additional manufacturing; thus being a concrete commitment in regards to the Client whom will deal with a single skilled, trustworthy, and capable manufacturer who’s able to satisfy in a brief period of time any request.

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