Powder Coating

In 1985 a new production cycle is introduced in GEAl SpA, a new horizontal powder coating plant is installed, following a very precise company philosophy in order to keep up with the pace of time. Two years later a vertical powder coating plant is opened. In 1998 an additional vertical powder coating plant is installed in the Cairo Montenotte (SV) facility.


GEAL SpA has recently renovated the vertical powder coating plant in Barberino di Mugello (FI).


Vertical plants: 2 plants, using 4000 Sq m, 4 powder coating cabins, 3 loading lines, 18 quintals/ hr, 20 color changes per shift.


Horizontal plants: 2 plants, using 1600 Sq m each, 2 interchangeable cabins each, 20 quintals per shift each, 20 color changes per shift.


Used products: polyester powder coatings for external use, all RAL colors, custom made colors.


HPQ powder coating


With this acronym we intend a protocol regarding the pre-treatment activity of aluminum profiles destined to a marine or industrial  environment which involve high corrosion levels.


It is a special anodizing pre-treatment which gives excellent results against spindly corrosion, referring to the one that appears on windows & doors after being exposed to a corrosive environment for a certain period of time, particularly in the angled junctions of the frame.


Nonetheless after the HPQ treatment, an adequate certified polyester powder coating procedure for external use needs to be performed. With this protocol, which doesn’t refer to a regular anodizing procedure since it uses very precise parameters (not to be confused with regular anodizing before powder coating), aluminum windows & doors features are taken to the same levels as competing materials, which tackle this same problem.

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