S 104 V12TS


This machine is used to polish aluminium profiles for architectural or industrial use. Results vary from a mechanical satin finish to a resin (Tinex) brush satin finish. These water – cooled brushes, 6 superior and 6 inferior, are placed in a way that they can work on two sides of the same profile at the same time. Circling motion can be adjusted independently for each brush couple and varies from 400 to 1000 rpm (revolutions/minute) for 5 pairs of brushes, and from 80 to 210 rpm (revolutions/minute) for 1 pair of brushes, by using them in several ways an extraordinary performance is delivered by the different types of brushes (stainless steel, Tinex etc.). The electronic commands are all low voltage and are located in a single mobile panel (touch screen), in order to facilitate the brushes adjustment. This mobile panel is conveniently located next to the profile insertion entrance. The superior panel’s movement used for the insertion of profiles, is activated by compressed air supplied by a special built- in compressor. The lubricant for the main core is semi-automatic, and manual lubrication is reduced to a minimum. Pressure adjustment of each brush can be made independently or all at the same time, this way each brush can be adjusted allowing it’s regulation when changing the profile section, without having to change the pressure. The S 104 V12TS is also furnished with drying blowers for finished profiles.


Specifiche del prodotto:



2380 Kg

Potenza Motori spazzole


10 x 2.5 HP - 2 x 1.5 HP

Potenza Motori di avanzamento


1 x 1.5 HP

Inverter AB Rockwell per avanzamento profili



Potenza motore salita/discesa bancale e regolazione spazzole


Potenza ventilatore


0.75 HP

Predisposizione regolazione della velocità delle spazzole



Pistone pneumatico per sollevamento bancale azionato a pedale



Alimentazione aria compressa


7 Bar x 50 lt/min

Potenza centralina idraulica


0.5 HP

Portata olio


10 lt

Potenza Totale


23 Kw

Consumo acqua a perdere


15 - 20 lt/min

Kit chiavi di servizio



Pressa serraggio spazzole



Prolunghe per rulliere porta profili di lunghezza 2,0 mt



Canotti porta spazzole



Touch Screen



Velocità di avanzamento profili


da 10 a 35 mt/min

Larghezza utile di lavoro


310 mm

Lunghezza minima dei profili


1000 mm

Capacità produttiva media


3000 Kg/h



Acciaio - Tinex

Insieme di spazzole per serie



Composizione della spazzola


Diametro esterno


300 mm

Diametro interno


80 mm

Durata media di una serie in filo metallico



Durata media di una serie in acciaio


1500/1800 h

Durata media di una serie in tinex


1000/1200 h

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